Guidance Counselor

Jermaine Walker 251.221.2361

Guidance Counseling Department at Washington Middle School

The Guidance Counseling Department at Washington Middle School works to effectively impact the lives of our students by partnering with parents, community, faculty and staff, to ensure that all of our students receive a program pertinent to their individual needs and desires. The counselor helps students incorporate knowledge of their interests, abilities and academic skills into the formation of a high school career and four year educational plan. Washington’s guidance program is delivered through a variety of activities; Large and Small Group Guidance Activities, Individual Planning Activities, and Responsive Services that meet individual needs of students, and System Support management activities that enhance the total guidance and counseling program.

PARENT SURVEY 2021 - 2022:  Please click here to participate!

STUDENT SURVEY 2021 - 2022; Please click here to participate! Please complete during homeroom.


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